Sun. Oct 20th, 2019

Gary Clark, Jr. at the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, KY

Gary Clark Jr-Louisville-MM-7*Hey! I’m Mitchell Miller and this is my first contribution to Unsung Melody. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to future contributions.

Louisville, KY isn’t “numb” anymore…… With the passive swagger that only a southern man can exude, Gary Clark, Jr. casually strolled onto the stage. No pomp and circumstance, no fireworks, no roar of the crowd. Just the subtle murmur of thousands of conversations that always accompany the opening act. Who is this? Gary who? Won a grammy? Are you sure?

It was apparent that there were a few familiars in the crowd though. One fan called out, “I see you Austin!!!Gary cracked a sly smile. “Move here, We love you!” shouted another. No facial response on that one.

Gary began by playing a series of blues riffs to warm up the strings. Eric “King” Zapata with his signature blue velvet homburg atop his head, carelessly strummed the accompanying rhythm piece. Johnny Radelat pulled up a seat, grabbed a set of sticks, and eased his foot on the pedal of the big drum. Johnny Bradley then began to lay down that old familiar bass line that brings it all together. Just like that Louisville had themselves a rock show.

The next hour was spent highlighting the tracks from Gary’s album release Blak and Blu. Gary took his time shredding on multiple guitar solos for his newest single, “When My Train Pulls In.” Playing with a calm, collective ease, the band rolled in and out of many songs.

Like the tremendous cover of Lowell Fulson’s Three O’clock Blues” which the band played flawlessly. Some other highlights included Ain’t Messin ‘Round, Don’t Owe You A Thang and the Albert Collins tune If Trouble Was Money.

The crowd definitely loved every single, sweaty note that was played for them. And with that same casual demeanor that accompanied their entrance, the band closed the set and graciously left the stage. Only this time, the roar of the crowd was exuberant. If they didn’t know who Gary was coming in, they sure left knowing his name on this night.

Gary is the opener for Kings Of Leon on their Mechanical Bull Tour, but in my eyes, Gary stole the show. Click here for more tour dates.

Gary Clark, Jr.: