Review: Covet – effloresce


01. Shibuya (Ft. San Holo)
02. Glimmer
03. Sea Dragon (Ft. Mario Camarena)
04. Gleam
05. Falkor
06. Howl

This post-rock collective from San Francisco, CA, has created a very interesting release. Kind of in-between an EP and an LP, their sound borders between some freestyle jazz, post-rock, alternative, and shoegaze. 

Perhaps my biggest complaint is to how repetitive some of the guitar riffs become, and they are all similar throughout the entire release. The final track, Howl, is my favorite of the collection. Again, the riffs become relatively repetitive, but musically, this one is much more “all-over-the-map”.

That being said, these guys are working their way up. There are some moments in this of pure brilliance, and is a fun listen. 

Final Thoughts

Despite some repetitiveness, the album plays smoothly and shares musical themes throughout. A fun listen.

Overall Rating