“Book of Bad Decisions”

01. Gimme the Keys
02. Spirit of ’76
03. Book of Bad Decisions
04. How to Shake Hands
05. In Walks Barbarella
06. Vision Quest
07. Weird Times
08. Emily Dickinson
09. Sonic Counselor
10. A Good Fire
11. Ghoul Wrangler
12. H.B. Is In Control
13. Hot Bottom Feeder
14. Paper & Strife
15. Lorelei

Clutch has done a lot in the last decade or so, musically. Originally, the group began as more of a hardcore punk and stoner rock band. Over the years, however, the stoner and blues rock has come out stronger, putting former influences behind.

The blues and stoner rock comes shining through on this album. Lyrical topics range far and wide, but the production and instrumentation really shine on this record.  Psychic Warfare had solid production, but Bad Decisions really bites, with a nice and heavy crunch.

Opening with “Gimme the Keys”, this raucous foot-stomper of a song will certainly bring crowds of fans to their feet at a show. “Spirit of ’76” continues the onslaught of stomping. While the album title may bring to mind a collection of rowdy and rambunctious drinking songs, the title song, “Weird Times” and “Vision Quest” seem to be the only songs on the disc that fit the description.

Taking a leap into what seems to be the most random and off-their-rocker lyrics are “In Walks Barbarella”, “Emily Dickinson”, “Sonic Counselor” and “Ghoul Wrangler”. The subject matter sounds like they were initially random thoughts in singer Neil Fallon’s head, but he certainly knows how to deliver a line that typically wouldn’t make sense without proper context.

Book of Bad Decisions is certainly one the most interesting record that has been released this year, and I am happy to say that the energetic, bluesy riffage doesn’t seem to stop. I’ll be spinning this the rest of the year, and more. 


Final Thoughts

A raucous foot-stomper of an album that doesn’t seem to know when to quit. Clutch at their finest.

Overall Rating