Review: William Ryan Key – “THIRTEEN”

William Ryan Key

01. Old Friends
02. Vultures
03. Form and Figure
04. Thirty Days
05. Great Unknown

For fans of RYAN KEY and YELLOWCARD, this EP is a must-have. Between the sparse instrumentation, and the heartfelt, melancholy vocals, this is an absolutely gorgeous and ambitious record. Despite his time in Yellowcard, his solo endeavor offers him the opportunity to stretch out acoustically and be himself, without the additional layers, and ever-changing genre-bending his band was known for.

Over five songs, the EP feels relatively brief, but marries his soft, wispy vocals to his guitar to propel melodies that are soothing and thoughtful. The lyrical prowess reminds one of Ryan’s former writing in Yellowcard. He still has a lot of emotions he’s trying to work out.

Despite the sparse instrumentation, there is an occasional violin melody which further fleshes out the songs to be more atmospheric and weighty. These five songs are well balanced, and are probably some of the most authentic songs he has written. I’m looking forward to hearing more in the future!


Final Thoughts

Between marrying a sound reminiscent of Alexi Murdoch and Justin Furstenfeld (Blue October), this release exemplifies intricate melody and beauty that may surprise you.

Overall Rating