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For the thousands of blogs out there, we often wondered; What can we offer that no one else can? That answer is experience. We are comprised of talented people who have seen, or been through the struggles of being in a band, or are somehow involved in the music industry. I’d like to take a moment to introduce the people that make this site possible.

Jonathan Newsome, hey that’s me! UnsungMelody.Com is my vision of what bands need exposure-wise. I created the site to help give exposure to anyone who we feel deserves it. I have extensive experience in music. I’ve been everything from a roadie, a promoter, a manager, a graphic designer, and now a website owner. [email protected] is where you can reach me.

Tired Tigress is our behind the scenes assassin. She’s our editor, and has been known to cause eclipses with a sleight of her hand. You might also see her write here and there. She’s an enigma, and has every intention of staying that way…though if you do need to reach her, [email protected] is the way.

Josh Campbell is a writer that is just now coming into his own in the photography game. He’s my protégé, so to speak. We look forward to seeing him continue to deliver. [email protected]

Teresa Burke is our resident music freak, and she knows a thing or two about a live show. Her experiences from attending approximately 70 shows a year, on average, are exactly why she writes killer reviews and captures even better photos. She’s our go-to gal in Chicago and Milwaukee. Catch her at [email protected]

Chris Romano is our Swiss Army knife in New York City. I’ve yet to throw an assignment at him that he hasn’t owned. Honestly, I’m not convinced he’s not MacGyver. He can be caught at [email protected]

James Waynauskas comes to us from San Francisco via Chicago. He has multiple degrees in photography and owns a killer rabbit named Dexter. Don’t worry though, he doesn’t bring Dexter to the shows. You’re safe…for now.

Caren Spitler has experience running a magazine, so she’s pretty good at what she does, to say the least. She’s our ninja for all things Los Angeles. [email protected] is where you can find her.

Mike Howard came to us as a big-time sports photographer in Cincinnati. We re-programmed his shutter bug to bite him and infect him with a burning passion for music. Don’t tell him, but I think we hooked him pretty well!

Mike Clare is an apparition. No one has ever seen him! That could have a lot to do with his military background or the witness protection program. We’ll let you decide! Rumor has it he is stationed around Dayton, OH.

Peter Lizano and his Falling Fearless Photography have been on our radar for a long time. He’s one of the best in the business and brings a vast knowledge of multiple genres. His photos have been plastered everywhere and now we’re thankful to be a blip on his radar. Like Teresa, he too is in the Chicago area. Go give his Facebook a like here.

Mitchell Miller is a fireman. Calm down ladies. He’s in a relationship. He also has a great eye for photography, just don’t ask him to ride the fire truck. “Insurance” won’t allow it. Hmmmmphh

“Cool” Keith Minor, Photographer Extraordinaire. Has a nice ring to it huh? Keith’s a lighting guru based in Atlanta, GA. His name is not false advertising. He’s one cool dude.

Terri Willis is truck driving maniac with a musician husband. Passion is her middle name, and photography is her game. She’s based in Indianapolis, and does a great job for us.

Alec La Corte is our youngest contributor. He’s a college kid, that will make the world a better place. As a writer, his voice really shines through in his work. We think he’s a keeper.

Sommer Sharon comes to us from Des Moines, IA . We think that town has given us a great contributor. Her style is a bit different than what I do here on the site and brings much more of a journalistic approach to the family. We’re lucky to have her onboard!

Toby Schuh is one of our latest additions. He’s worked with Sommer quite a few times before, and is welcomed with open arms. Together they are a dynamic duo in the Des Moines area. Toby is a talented dude and a great addition to our family.

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on “About Us
One Comment on “About Us
  1. Hi Jonathan-

    Based on your recent input to the Doyle Bramhall II Official Facebook page, we would to like to offer you the chance to share some of your recent DBII photos on the new official website, http://www.db2music.com

    This new site is in its early stages and focuses primarily on Doyle’s latest activities but we will be expanding that to include historical information as well.

    Please feel free to send up to twenty (20) recent photos to [email protected] and include venue and date information as well as any URL you may want included in the credit. We will email you a link to your photos on the site once they have been published.

    Jeff & Sonya
    The DB II Web & Social Media Team

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